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The 30 Day Cryptozoology Art Challenge

Day 1 - The Dover Demon

Not sure if this has been done yet it probably has knowing my luck, but I figured I’d jump onto this pokeshaming bandwagon real quick, since this popped into my head.

Edit: I’m a friggin’ idiot and wrote "I’ve" instead of "It’s" initially. Hopefully this will update with the fix.


Majora’s Madness AU - The Process

I figured it would be neat to share a bit of the thought process that went on with this piece. You can find the full drawing here. 

Not everything is 100% as it was when I actually worked on the thing (i.e. I did a lot of grey-scaling that got lost in here), but I hope it gives you all some valuable insight. ovo

Majora’s Madness AU

In Hyrule’s distant future, a festival is held for three days in commemoration of the myth that the hero of legend once saved a place called Termina from a crashing moon. However, this year’s festival seems to carry with it an omen of ill-will, as one by one Hyrule’s inhabitants seem to succumb to an illness of unknown origin.Those who contract what would be called ‘Majora’s Madness,’ seem to slowly lose their minds; and as the days of the festival progress, more and more people start to group together, donning a replica mask of the creature they claim to be their god and forewarn of the deity’s return. In the midst of the growing chaos, Link continues to become increasingly isolated. What is this madness which has plagued the land, his friends and family?— Moreover, why is he the only one who seems to remain unaffected? 

IT IS FINALLY DONE! ;7; Sorry, I have been working on this piece for quite a while, I am so proud! <3

Okay, so a little about this AU: This was an old idea of mine I literally dreamed up a while back which involved this festival commemorating the events of Termina, but winds up making the inhabitants of Hyrule to go crazy because of Majora and his anger towards the fact that his entire existence has now essentially transformed into a farce. Termina itself is almost completely deteriorated into nothing by this point, which is why the god becomes so enraged with this display, and Link is the only one unaffected by this whole thing due to distant blood ties with the legendary hero and therefore, the Fierce Deity. I see it as Link pretty much has to go on this enormous quest to uncover the long forgotten truth about Termina and its origins, and ultimately prevent Majora from returning and effectively destroying Hyrule. I know I want the Fierce Deity to play a role in this, but to what extent I’m not entirely sure yet.

Either way, this was a particular drawing from the AU I thought up that I’ve wanted to do for a long while now, so I really do hope you all enjoy it. I worked super hard on this! ;v;

There is literally nothing amazing about this picture, but I am posting it here in dedication to my friend, gyroscopiccarouseller who told me to “draw a butt,” when I was trying to decide what to draw while we were waiting for a movie at the theatres.

Ladies and gentlemen: My contribution to the WTNV fandom…

A little something I am working on.

I was freaking out about this on my main blog earlier because I made a certain Hero of Time and certain Fierce Deity ridiculously hot in those first two images there.

Still presenting this without full context until it’s completely done, but I will say it is technically an AU that I happened to literally dream up last night.

You may continue to draw your own conclusions in the meantime.

Spent some of today doodling adorable siblings from a Vampire AU.

Roadside Hellhound

There is a bit of a story behind this image. My mom and I were headed home from my sister’s and brother-in-law’s place when we stumbled upon the figure of an animal on the road at a distance. The irony of the situation was that we were having a conversation about looking out for deer on the road just moments prior, and initially thought that’s what it was. When we got closer, however, I noticed that the animal in question was far too short to be a deer — a factor confirmed as the high beams of the car reflected the creature’s eyes — and for a moment, I asked myself what in the world is that? Until we were actually close enough for me to see that it was a Rottweiler-looking dog standing perfectly still in the opposite lane and just watching us drive by. 

My mom and I both agreed that the situation came off as rather haunting after the fact, though we did learn from my sister that this was a commonplace occurrence from that particular dog on that stretch of road (apparently it would come out of its driveway to stare at or chase vehicles). Regardless of that fact, when we had first come across the animal in the dead of night, I couldn’t help but be reminded of storied I’ve read about phantom dogs and Hellhounds, so the dog became an inspiration for this drawing here in turn.

Some AU stuffs, pay it no mind.

-also the lockers there are supposed to be dented but the perspective is horrible anyway fhakkdf I tried-