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A little something I am working on.

I was freaking out about this on my main blog earlier because I made a certain Hero of Time and certain Fierce Deity ridiculously hot in those first two images there.

Still presenting this without full context until it’s completely done, but I will say it is technically an AU that I happened to literally dream up last night.

You may continue to draw your own conclusions in the meantime.

Spent some of today doodling adorable siblings from a Vampire AU.

Roadside Hellhound

There is a bit of a story behind this image. My mom and I were headed home from my sister’s and brother-in-law’s place when we stumbled upon the figure of an animal on the road at a distance. The irony of the situation was that we were having a conversation about looking out for deer on the road just moments prior, and initially thought that’s what it was. When we got closer, however, I noticed that the animal in question was far too short to be a deer — a factor confirmed as the high beams of the car reflected the creature’s eyes — and for a moment, I asked myself what in the world is that? Until we were actually close enough for me to see that it was a Rottweiler-looking dog standing perfectly still in the opposite lane and just watching us drive by. 

My mom and I both agreed that the situation came off as rather haunting after the fact, though we did learn from my sister that this was a commonplace occurrence from that particular dog on that stretch of road (apparently it would come out of its driveway to stare at or chase vehicles). Regardless of that fact, when we had first come across the animal in the dead of night, I couldn’t help but be reminded of storied I’ve read about phantom dogs and Hellhounds, so the dog became an inspiration for this drawing here in turn.

Some AU stuffs, pay it no mind.

-also the lockers there are supposed to be dented but the perspective is horrible anyway fhakkdf I tried-


Finally finished my Secret Santa for Left Handed Knight.  Posting it here just for show (took a photo because the drawing was a tad bit too big to scan properly).

Sorry it was so late YL. ;7; I’ll be sending this off to you when I can.

Jora, I did the thing!

Omg you do not believe how much fun this was for me to do. I friggin’ love Stalhounds, I am so glad I was able to nab the spot for it. ;v;

For those of you who aren’t aware, this is for the mass Zelda collab going around. The list can be found here:


There seems to be a few spots open still, so try grabbing one if you’re interested in contributing.

December 3rd - Favourite Dragon Type: #384 Rayquaza

Missed a day of quickly and crappily drawn Pokemon for Pokeddexy, so making it up now.

Deciding to post this real quick. This is my character Phantom Link with a small redesign for a Clone AU my RP group will be doing. Not sure if we’re going to go through with it entirely (I hope we do), but essentially PL is a failed Hero of Time clone in this U. I’ve kept most of his details the same save for the lack of visible skeletal structure and a slight alteration to the eyes (the irises are red instead of the actual pupil, where normally his irises are black…this was to keep him consistent with the other HoT subjects). 

I referenced the scars for him, because being a failed experiment, I’d imagine he does get cut up significantly by the doctors and such at the facility. The Visible scars he possesses are either the deepest or repeated incisions. I haven’t determined whether or not he will continued to be experimented on in this AU given the backstory I developed for him, but yeah…I figure’d I’d share.

December 2nd - Favourite Dark Type: #229 Houndoom